Stylish body kits and spoilers

We offer an experienced body kit service. As car enthusiasts ourselves, we always ensure that we are providing you with the finished product that you desire. We work with you to create a masterpiece that you are proud to have on the road. Contact us to discuss the ways in which our car body kits services and spoilers can transform your vehicle.

Complete your vision

 •  Discover the benefits of vinyl

 •  Car body and interior repairs

 •  Tint your windows for extra substance

 •  Refurbish alloy wheels

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Choose your finishing touches

We are currently offering you a fantastic deal on wheels and tints. You can now receive window tinting with wheel painting or refurbishment for just £300.

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We can offer friendly help and advice in ways that your car could be enhanced even further. If you are looking for inspiration, come to Car Care Trims and Things in Lanarkshire.

Transform your car with body kits

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