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With over 30 years' experience in performing car body repairs, we are skilled in providing quality combined with efficiency. It’s not just scratches and small dents we can repair and paint either, if a body panel is beyond repair, it's no problem for us to fit and align a new one. We can produce welding to an exceptionally high standard, so your vehicle will be back to its best in no time.

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Paint protection

Introducing our brand new service; paint protection is a clear film we can install over your car body to protect the paint work. It is a very durable clear coating that is almost unnoticeable, preventing stone chips on bonnets, bumpers and wing mirrors. It may even increase the re-sale value of your car!

Are you looking for a factory finish from your car repair service? Our suppliers of paints and finishers are a local established business, and have an excellent paint matching system which ensures a factory finish match for your car.

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Restoring your car with repairs

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• No job is too big or too small

• Repairs range from small scratches to daunting dents

• Full car re-sprays

• Exceptional value for money

• Careful attention to detail

• Special interior repairs

• Trouble with alloy wheels? We can help

• Complete car body repairs

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Your comprehensive car repair


   We also fix:

  • Scuffed bumper

  • Cracked wheel

  • Pothole damage

  • Etc.