Creating interior comfort and style

At Car Care Trims and Things in Lanarkshire, we can help repair and re-dye any trim on any car. Our interior repair service is both efficient and performed with a high quality of care for your vehicle. Whether you are looking for leather re-trims or scuff and tear repairs, we can provide you with assistance now. For a competitive quote on interior car repairs, please contact our team now.

Making interior car repairs easy

• Leather re-trims

• Phone holes

• Scuff and tear repairs

• Nasty cigarette burn? We can help!

• Plastic windows renewed

• Soft top hood replacements

• Experts in all interior materials

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Keeping your car clean at home

If your love of driving extends to quiet afternoons indulging in sprucing up your vehicle, you'll love our offers on valet equipment. Get professional cleaning products for as little as £5!

Alongside providing help for your personal vehicle, we also offer a professional interior repair service to Motability, leased or company cars.

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Rely on our interior repairs