Leave window tinting to the professionals

It has recently become more readily available for car owners to tint windows themselves. We strongly recommend that you always choose professionals to carry out the task. Tinted windows are meant to add sophistication to your car. This will not be the case unless the window tinting is conducted by an experienced professional.

Tinted windows are a valuable asset

 •  Greater security for your car

 •  Durable quality films

 •  Lifetime guarantee

 •  Installed by professionals

 •  Add value to your car

 •  Add wheel services for a combined price of £300

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Lifetime guarantee

To give you confidence in our professional window tinting, we include a full lifetime guarantee. You will never need your windows tinted again.

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Contact us to find out more about the different options we offer for tinted windows. We can also recommend which amendments are best suited to enhance the appearance of your vehicle.


Tinted windows add style

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